It seems that,like Croatia, both the Greek and Turkish authorities are introducing rules that ALL skippers, including flotilla sailors, must now have ICC or  some form of qualification before hiring a yacht.

So even if you have some experience already and are thinking about a Mediterranean trip, check first if you need an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) 

Don't worry though, if you need help in this area please contact us. We run ICC assessments and also provide tuition in order to enable people to reach the required standard of boat handling and navigation competence.

New RYA arrangements have just been introduced to help make it easier for competent and experienced sailors to acquire the certificate without having to undertake a formal navigation course.

We have been joined by Bob Lambert who brings additional skills in the form of teaching RYA Navigation courses.

Bob is RYA registered in his own right, and we operate an associate relationship, so if you are looking to undertake your Day Skipper course, please get in touch with us and we will arrange things for you.

We are now providing instruction on a casual basis with Martham Boatyard and Whispering Reeds boatyard. Short notice booings are never a good plan, so if you simply want a half day or full day on one of their boats, please try to book a couple of weeks in adance. Do not be dissapointed if we cannot supply an instructor... we get very busy with advance bookings. 

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