If you are contemplating a Flotilla Holiday then this course will set you on your way. It is designed to give you an introduction to the sailing and navigation skills you will need for the entry level sailing areas of the Mediteranean.

If you've never sailed before it might take more than a full week of tuition to get to the basic entry level standard required by the charter companies - depending how well you get on. 

If you have a small amount of experience and a basic grasp of sailing then we can cover the essential elements and help you to a standard where you will be competant and feel confident to skipper a flotilla yacht within 25-30 hours of tuition.

If you are already at Level2 and need a refresher or a 'pep up' you may only need us for 4-10 hours.

Hire a yacht for seven, five or four days according to what you would like to achieve and we will assess your current comepetence and agree with you how much training you will need to get you to the neccessary standard to sail in these entry level areas of the Med.

We endeavour to take you through 'basic skills' to 'improver L3' which will be good enough to ensure safe and enjoyable sailing for those areas, but not for the windier more challengeing locations where you will need a bit more experience at the helm.



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