For anyone who has never sailed before, our Taste of Sailing days, or half days, offer you the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of yacht sailing under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

If you are unsure if sailing is for you then this is the ideal way to find out. This is the perfect introduction to sailing where you will be shown how to rig and handle the yacht and will be given the chance to take over the controls to try some simple manoeuvres.

We offer this course either on open day boats, including beautiful traditional gaff rigged Norfolk Broads 'half deckers' like the one in the larger picture alongside, or on board larger cruising yachts as illustrated in the Yachts  section of this website.

The choice is yours. Both styles of boat are suited to Broads sailing.  The larger cruising yachts give more space, provide a first hand taste of a 'live aboard yacht' and offer the excitement of handling a larger boat both under power or sail, while the half decker will take you back to childhood memories of 'Tales of the River Bank', and  'Swallows and Amazons'.
Picnics on the riverside with only the sound of the water running by immediately spring to mind but should you want to move on from 'picnic' to 'performance' you will be suprised to discover that the half decker is easily as quick as the larger cruising yacht.

As a first timer it will please you to know that all the boats we use are 'Keel boats' and are designed so that they cannot possibly capsize even in challenging conditions. You can be confident that you will be perfectly safe to sit back and enjoy the superb surroundings, as you experience how truly exciting and satisfying sailing your own yacht can be.

The course is arranged to provide you with a minimum of 4 hours sailing experience and we can accomodate up to 4 people per session, although you will find greater comfort and benefit from having fewer people on board particularly on the half decker style of yacht. 

If you are a larger group and require more places then please contact us and we will arrange for additional boats and skippers depending upon availabilty.



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