The Basic Skills Level 2 course encourages development of the Start Sailing Level 1 skills, provides further sailing knowledge for people with some limited previous experience, or can be used to bridge the gap between small craft sailing and larger yachts.

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will be safety conscious and have a basic knowledge of sailing in light winds without an instructor on board.

Practical sessions include reefing afloat, ropework, sailing techniques and manoeuvres, clothing and equipment, rules of the road and safety on board.

It is assumed that every student starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and background knowledge of a Start Sailing Level 1 or has equivalent experience.

The course tuition of 15 hours is normally taken over a 'short break'. Alternatively for those without previous experience or who wish for a more intensive training experience, the course can be combined with a Start Sailing Level 1 taken over a weeks yacht hire with tuition condensed into 24 hours. See also Level 1 page. 

This popular 'zero to hero' combination course provides a sound introduction to most aspects of yacht sailing.

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